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Thank you for your interest in Liberty First Realty. We are hiring and looking for great people who share our passion for real estate and the customers we serve.  What I hope is evident, as you investigate our company and explore our website, is our commitment toward your career and your customers. When you're successful so are we. Our difference boils down and starts with this core belief. You are the driving force and reason behind our programs, services and technology we provide. We are located in the heart of Tualatin, across from City Hall and Tualatin Commons. We are minutes from Interstate 5 and 205 making short order of access to meetings with Buyers and Sellers. We provide on-going training to further your knowledge in our industry. We are a team of professionals and we look forward to talking to you about your career and deciding together if we are a fit for each other. A successful career in Real Estate takes a commitment from every one of us. Let's get started!

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