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Why Liberty First Realty

We're Different

We want you to join Liberty First Realty. The brokerage model is in disruption and we like that. We embrace this movement toward serving our agents, To blaze a different path our way. Let's sum it up with this, Everything for Everybody at a savings to you indicative of technological & mobile advancements. All without compromise.


What does that mean?

The old school brokerage model is in disruption, we want to be part of this movement and as such have upgraded our entire processes and programs, positioning ourselves as leaders in this space. With that comes change, change in the way we support our agents, approach brokerage culture, supplied tech, compensation, lead generation and much more. It's exciting and we would like you to join us and become a part of this movement.

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The Blend

The right balance

We've found agents like the idea of an office, but they rarely use it. They just want to know there's a place for them. No one wants to be isolated and left completely alone. We're different, we foster relationships through tools in the cloud, personal communication and interaction! Queue the Blend!

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All the right stuff

In order to be competitive it's important to have the right balance of sales acumen and technology to support and manage your efforts. We need tools that help us succeed by augmenting our efforts, The right balance between effort and technology, 

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Broker Support

When you need help, sometimes it just can't wait

Support is something all Brokerages tout to be paramount. At our company, we put our money where our mouth is. You'll find that we go the extra mile to help you when you need it, to be accessible in more ways.

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Modern Compensation

Simple, straight forward and all inclusive

We decide to tear up the industries commission split and start over. We started with this thought. "Maximize agent pay without compromising services or technology, do it for a lower cost, offer choices and insure a healthy company." We nailed it!

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